Three Abstracts

An abstract is a self-contained, short, and powerful statement which describes something larger. It is a departure from reality.

An abstract exists in thought or as an idea but has no physical or concrete existence. Thus we are in the realm of the imagination.
Here we reduce to the essentials and portray the essence. The representation, not of a thing but, of a though about a thing, the feeling of a thing.

“The Essence of a Flower” by Valeria Castellanos

Not a flower but, the idea of a flower, of every flower, of all flowers.

“Wind Flower” by Valeria Castellanos

A flower at the mercy of the wind, immersed in the turbulence of the world, struggling for its own existence and continuation.

“Cave of the Blue Dragon” by Valeria Castellanos

The cave beyond the horizon wherein the Blue Dragon, mistress of seas and skies, mother of mists and foam, mother of clouds and rain, sleeps and dreams.


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