Ataxia, the Chaos of the Universe, and the Beginning of Time

It really all started with Hadron, a sub-atomic particle. He was a clever, ambitious, quick witted fellow. He had lots of ideas. He was exuberant, fond of investigations, inventions, ingenuity and experimentation. He enjoyed explosions. He was a magician and a mathematician. He played about with chemicals, with fireworks and with numbers. He enjoyed subtraction but much preferred addition and it was he who invented the idea of multiplication.

He realized for multiplication he needed a partner and so he looked up Ataxia, the Ruler of the Universe, also known as Chaos, and he persuaded her to help him out. Then, wouldn’t you know it, after a few ups and downs, they produced a child and they called him ShenKami, the Spirit. But, it happened that ShenKami was invisible and this was not to Ataxia’s liking at all. She never knew where he was or what he was doing. And, he was always off on his own and paid no attention to her. In fact, before she knew it, he was up and had wandered away, looking for a happy home.

Hadron persuaded Ataxia to try again and they had a daughter called Jing, the Essence, but again, she was invisible and Ataxia romped and raged and complained until Jing ran away to live with the frogs by the lake in the Green Jade Garden.

Their third child was called, Thoth, the Ibis Headed, and he was just as invisible as the others. Ataxia was again furious with Hadron and his experiments, but their fourth child, Kinish Ahau, the Sun, came forth as a dark rock, spinning in space and almost impossible to see in the darkness, for in those days it seems that was the way of all stars.

This was somewhat better and Ataxia tried to be patient so once more Hadron gave a child to Ataxia. This child, Xue K’ik, the Blood, was not invisible at all, but she would not be held, she did not want to be seen and she trickled through her mother’s fingers and disappeared underground as soon as she arrived. And, Ataxia threw a fit. She threw up her hands, she threw everything within reach at Hadron and then she threw Hadron out of her life.

But, after such excitement Ataxia found she was bored so, when Behgonay Ghizig came to town she opened her door and let him in. Together they had a good deal of fun and threw clouds of stardust about in every direction and at length Ataxia gave birth to two children, both Titans, called Pleione and the other called Itzam Yeh. However, Behgonay Ghizig had begun to tire of Ataxia and he decided to be on his way so, he built a great ship, called the Sailing Star, which could sail through both the seas and the skies and he packed up his children and sailed away.

Ataxia was alone again but she decided this was quite unfair so she hunted up Lacuna, the Void, and he gave her the children she wanted. He gave her Mermaid daughters and Seahorse sons and he gave her a Legion of Asuras who were monsters and shape shifters, all of whom grew so heavy they sank into the Great Apsu and could live nowhere else. And, he gave her a son, called Kaalapurusha, the Spirit of Time.

When Ataxia looked into Kaalapurusha’s eyes she saw at once that he was a tyrant and was destined to rob her of her kingdom so she shut him up in a box and would not let him out. Kaalapurusha struggled and howled until Ataxia tied up the box, packed up her bags and took everything to the Apsu to visit the Asuras. And, the Asuras told her the story of Kumudini and the Resplendent Phoenix.

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