Sir Real Frog

Sir Real Frog


Professor of Frogology, Member of The Most Frogatious Society ::: There are no baby blue and pink frogs with pink eyes. I have checked and whether knighted or not, this is most certainly not a real frog.

Painter ::: Well, not real in the sense of a live frog, a go out and catch a real frog-flesh, real jump-up, beating frog heart and frog muscles sort of frog, one you can make into frog stew but, still real. A real painting on a real leaf.

Professor of Frogology, Member of The Most Frogatious Society ::: It may exist but, it is not real. The leaf is real but the frog is not.

Dog ::: I do not smell a frog. I do not hear a frog. I do not see a frog. I say there is no frog.

Painter ::: If it exists it must be real. Otherwise, no painting would be real, no photograph, no video, no image at all and what sort of world would that be?

Thoughtful Thomas ::: Does existence necessarily imply reality? Words exist. Not just written words, spoken words, without physical substance, without color, without smell or taste, they exist just for an instant in time. Are they real?

Dog ::: Words are real. Come. Yes. No. Good Dog. Go for a walk. Not this frog. If you don’t believe me ask another frog.

Mr. Science ::: Nothing is real. Everything exists only within your mind. You create your own reality.

Philosopher Phillbert ::: Words exist only in the realm of the mind. The brain is real. You can see that it exists. Are dreams real? Is the mind real? Or, is it beyond the real? Is it under the real, below real, before real, beneath real? Surreal.

Silly Sue ::: Surreal, of course. From the first read, I just assumed this was an auto correct issue.


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