Either Or – Make up your Mind


Heads are flipping up. Tails are falling down. Should I go out to the river? Should I go into the town? If I should go out for a swim, should I float or should I drown? Should I wear a pretty dress, a long, white robe or a lacey gown? Should I wear a worried look? Should I wear a dismal frown? Should I dance like a dragonfly or dress up like a clown?

Should I get out of bed this morning? Should I open up the door? Should I have a cup of coffee? Then, should I have more? Am I entertaining or, am I really just a bore? Should I dance upon the ceiling, walk on the walls or just sit on the floor?

Should I become a spider, a beetle or a bee? Should I paint the house today or should I climb a tree?

When it comes to say goodbye, should I try to cry or wipe my eye? Should I go away by automobile? Should I take a train or fly? Should I boil or broil or bake a cake? Should I stew or should I fry? Should I always tell the truth? Should I sometimes lie?

I need to know. Should I stay or go? I need to make a choice. Should I go or stay? And, what should I say? Do you think I should to raise my voice?

Should I shake and make a dreadful noise or confound with a sweet and delightful sound? Should I make you guess and guess again or should I tell you what I found? The rollercoaster is fast and fun, in fury and flash from the sky to the ground, While the carousel’s singing a bright, pretty song but, it just goes round and round.

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