Three Songbirds

“Three Birds” – painted magnolia leaves – June 2018

Once I knew three songbirds.
The songbirds knew no words.
But, the first bird,
Though he could not say,
Was sure he did not want to stay,
He said hello,
He wanted to laugh,
But, instead, he flew quite far away,
And, he married a jello giraffe.

The second bird thought this was funny.
When she saw them together she’d laugh.
On the back porch she’d rock,
When she mended her sock,
And, she’d wiggle and giggle,
For a hour and a half.

Now, sure was the third bird,
They certainly were absurd,
And, sure they were really quite daft,
Then she shocked the whole staff,
And, the other riff raff,
When she waved us adieu,
And, flew off to the zoo,
With the son of the checkerboard calf.

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