Full Moon in Leo

“Full Moon in Leo” – Digital Art – ArtRage – July 2018

The moonlight excites me. Especially the full moon, close to the horizon, grandiose and golden. This “painting” was done in my brand new software, ArtRage Oil, an android app (free download), and pretty good. Inspired by a night from once before, a magical night, in the Everglades, alligators howling, rustling under the stillness, dreaming of shadows, stars obscured by the moon’s splendor. This is my first painting in ArtRage and I like it. It is of the moonrise over the Dragon Fields behind the campsite at Long Pine Lake. Hope you like it too.

4 thoughts on “Full Moon in Leo

    1. Very much so, of course, or I would not have remembered. Full moon in Leo means sun in Aquarius which means February, an excellent time for the Everglades because the insects are at a minimum. Unfortunately, the flamingos come only in the summer months but, who needs flamingos when the moon is full? Anyway, there are plenty of plastic flamingos on lawns around and about and some in the Miami zoo as I recall. Rosette Spoonbills are also very odd and equally pink but, they don’t show up in February either. (Thanks for your comment on the colors. I am very well, thank you. Just in a whimsical mood and I hope you, too, are in the pink.)


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