Ichetucknee Trees

“Ichetucknee Trees” – 2017 –

I very much enjoyed this series. It was close to home and thus close to my heart. But, what interested me the most was the variety of colors with which it worked. Expressionism is all about color. We are blue when we are sad, green with envy, black rage, passion’s red, pretty in pink. This is the original sketch and, through the magic of digital software I was able to transform it into a summer day.

“Ichetucknee Trees, Green” – Digital Art – 2017

As though this was not enough, further transformation brought this image.

“Ichetucknee Trees, Blue” – Digital Art – 2017

Twilight in the forest. A whole different feeling, without adding a shadow.

I have not been able to decide which I like better.  My preference seems to change with the seasons and the time of day, with my mood, who I am with. What about you?

2 thoughts on “Ichetucknee Trees

  1. I love the surrealism of your paintings. There’s a lot of feeling in them, but the focus is on colors and impression rather than fine detail. I think my personal favorite is the second one. It reminds me of a warm, fall day. But I like the first one, too. It had an abstract impression of distance, with the line of barely there trees in the background. Beautiful work.


    1. Well, the second one was actually the last one so I say this was a success in your eyes. The first one was the first one, the third was actually the second and was tied to twilight and early evening. I started out, long ago, as an abstract expressionist and some of the abstraction seems to remain because absolute reality is better handled through photography. In the past year I have taken a definite turn into surrealism but I hardly thought it showed up in this series. But then, who knows what is seen by others eyes? Thanks for the note!


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