Lunch in O’Brien


“Lunch” – just a photo

Suwannee Lady sings this song. The catfish swim and the snakes are long.
The smoke that’s spilling from the oil filled grill, is getting pretty strong.
Everybody’s hungry now. I hope I’m right instead of wrong.
Put your napkin back, in your old knapsack, and everybody sing along!

I’m going to bake a jellyfish cake,
And, make up a big pot of caterpillar stew.
I hope that you, will be having some,
And, I know I’ll be having some, too.
There’ll be spider web pudding with fire fly goo.
It is one of my favorites, but, I’ll give some to you.

Grab a knife and a fork and a big plastic spoon, because,
You know, now, it’s almost noon,
And, everyone knows, we’ll be eating very soon.

We’ll have crispy, and, dee-fried, blue horsefly’s eyes,
Served with sweet beetle soup, and, with dragonfly pies.
Butterfly butter makes a very good spread.
You can try some instead, on the live-oak tree bread.

Then curried cactus, which is such a treat,
I make it with fresh, furry, hush puppy’s feet,
Mixed with hot muskrat, in red-fire-ant sauce,
And, tossed in a dressing of wet, spanish moss.
Acorn salad with kudzu, blue tailed skink fondue,
Try the wild catfish candy, with Branford’s own brandy,
Or, with wine distilled from dandelions and mimosa’s seed,
Or, whiskey which my neighbor made from leftover, jimson weed.

We’ll have ground goobers, the frozen kind. I never use the canned.
Then goulash made from gopher’s guts and spiced with lots of sand.
There’ll be sizzling, flambed lizards with hot, bubbling, buzzard’s gizzards,
And, finger licking, sweet, red, frog jam spread on alligator ham,
Roasted toad toes in a sauce with crushed snail’s shell,
A rich, dish which I think is swell,
And, a dish which I make really well,
But, watch out for the wasp-sting dip because its hot as anything.
After lunch is over, you can sit with me, beneath a tree.
You can have a sawgrass soda, or an unsweet, pine straw tea.
If you want one, I could make, a copperhead slushy or, a rattlesnake shake.

If you find some of these dishes don’t fulfill all your wishes,
Or, if you think that one of them might sound a bit suspicious,
Thank your lucky stars and consider it auspicious,
That a good cook can take anything, as long as its nutritious,
And, turn it into a gourmet dish, which is wonderfully delicious.

 For Lori – July 2018


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