“Storm” – My Digital Art – ArtRage – 1024 x 610 – September 16, 2018

The fragile sky is resisting the breakthrough of the storm,
But, it seems she is losing the battle.
She has been overcome by electric overtones of lightning,
And, purple thunder,
Coming out of the minds of monster clouds,
By winds,
Tearing out of the mouths of Titans,
In this space between birth and death,
Where lovers turn into flowers,
Where seeds grow, with or without fruit,
And, gods with eyes as spiral as the galaxy,
Come to visit the landscapes of my life.
Angry rain, midnight blue,
Thick and quick,
Has come to drown everything already gone,
Leaving nothing but right now,
Flash floods washing out my mind,
Never drying out,
No possibility of tomorrow’s sun.

The raging wind is racing away from the end,
Taking everything with it,
Replacing the tumbleweed and waterfalls of yesterday,
The pink sawgrass and long-gone rainbows,
The memories of a hundred cities,
With white out skies and inundations,
Soaring into the echoes of clouds,
Covering the horizon, grown into giants,
Reverberating on the edges of my mind,
Breathing a wavering, receding mirage,
Soon to be given up, even by ghosts,
Abandoned by the restless bones of yesterday,
Buried beneath the leaves,
Left behind by the residual emotions of skeletons,
And, the marrow inside of cracked bones,
To be covered by kudzu and dirges,
Waiting for the sunshine of tomorrow,
Not even memories left.

V. Castellanos – 9/19/2018

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