Good Morning

Take a turn,
Mistake and learn,
Stand or break,
Bake a cake,
Stay asleep,
Or, be wide awake.
No one knows,
Where it goes.

The oroborus is still okay.
He is swallowing himself in order to escape.
Self consumed. Are we all doomed?
What’s it like in there?
Trying to feed yourself in order to survive?
Nothing else tastes so good. Why not?
Everything eats everything else.
Megalomaniac. Get out of there.
Comb your hair. Put on a dress.
Turn yourself inside out.
But, inside there are armies of restless neurons and neutrons,
Vibrating vitality, battling,
Trying to take over my world.
My skin made out of granite and gravity, weighing me down.
Awareness of microscopics everywhere.
Taking my attention. Intervention.
Lichen splitting rocks.
The tide eating the sand.
Crabs eating tide pools.
Mushrooms spitting at scorpions.
Corona Virus consuming the internet.
A bad morning. Bright colors. Curled into a ball.
No one is chasing me. Birds are not falling out of the sun.
Trees are not trying to fall.
Perhaps I am still asleep and purple frogs are crawling on the wall.
Perhaps my head has become a cave or a cathedral.
Maybe a cabaret.
Maybe a circle.
Maybe a three ringtones circus.
Maybe playing hide and seek.
Maybe a cup of coffee will cure everything.

Written by V. Castellanos – March 24, 2020

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I’m enjoying your digital creations, including the spider woman you sent me, and the last iguana headed person. Quite a nice array of colors here in the layers of snake scales, new and shed, in different layers and color modes.

    I discovered your paintings on leaves. Quite eccentric! Very nice. I like your experimental attitude towards visual art.


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