Mardi Gras

Artwork by Heinrich Vogtherr the Younger (1513 to1568)

Mardi Gras starts,
When the sun goes down,
With a wink and a drink,
And, a devil and a clown.
Jingle bells announcing,
Here comes prancing Death,
Chalk white underneath his mask,
Breathing with no breath.
Dressed like a joker,
Dancing in the street,
Everyone is coming here,
And, then they all will meet,
There’s more to that and more to this,
So, smile and wave and blow a kiss,
To the best one out there,
You don’t want to miss.

Toe tapping, Finger snapping,
A flirt with a skirt,
A pitchfork and a torch,
“Let’s go dance with Death for a while,”
“Then, lay me on the porch.”

Confetti falling everywhere,
Made of bad luck or made of gold.
Falling on the heads of all,
The lovely ones and the ugly ones,
The new ones and the old,
Feathers, sequins, joke and smile,
“Do you really think,”
“This is still worth while?”
Now, everyone is coming,
They all are coming out,
Dressed up to dance,
Dressed up to prance,
To laugh and scream and shout.
“To tempt the gods, To play the odds,”
“And, to show the world, what they’re all about.”

Music swelling, Tightrope taut.
Defy the gods, but don’t get caught.
Death bells ringing, Don’t stop singing.
Betray your race, With a mask on your face.
Open every window, every door way in the place.
Holding up a lantern to every tiny crack.
“Quick”, says Death, “Here comes another whack.”
“Smack!” says smiling Death. “Yes. It’s a sneak attack!!”
“Gotcha now, you silly things,”
“With no way to go back!”

Glitter, bling and party beads,
“So much more fun than widow’s weeds.”
“Here have a drink,” “Don’t start to think,”
He’s confident. He gives a wink.
Death is growing, So, he feeds.
The warnings come but no one heeds.
While Death is doing deathly deeds,
And, planting lots of deadly seeds.
Still, some of us are going to say,
“We’ve still got to play, at the end of the day,”
“It really wouldn’t be worth while, any other way.”
“What else can I say,”
“It’s the only way,”
“We’ve really got to go out play,”
“Before the end of the world.”

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