The Storm Rages On

When I awoke the fragile sky was trying to resist the breakthrough of the storm,
But, even then, it seemed she was losing the battle,
Overcome by electric overtones of lightning from the east,
And, the purple thunder of the horsemen,
Coming out of the minds of monster clouds, and prophesy,
Viral winds, Viral wounds,
Tearing out of the mouths of Titans,
Into this place where we breath between birth and death,
Where children fight and lovers turn into flowers,
Where seeds grow, with or without fruit,
And, gods with eyes as spiral as the galaxy and a breath of death,
Come to visit the landscapes of our lives.
Angry rain, midnight blue, indigo, black,
Thick and quick,
Come to drown anything already half gone, Wind taking down whatever it can, No mercy, A crown of thorns,
Leaving nothing but right now. I wash my hands.
Flash floods and body bags gouging out my mind,
Tears never drying out,
No possibility of tomorrow’s sun, But, maybe in a week or two.

The raging wind is racing toward the end,
Taking everyone with it,
Replacing yesterday’s idle dreams of tumbleweed and waterfalls,
Pink sawgrass, picnics and bye gone rainbows,
The memories of a hundred cities, A thousand roads, A cross around my neck,
Lost in white out skies and inundations,
Soaring out of the moaning of clouds, Tied up with barbed wire and already refusing to shake hands,
Covering the horizon, grown into dark giants and farewells,
Reverberating on the edges of my mind,
Breathing, wavering, receding mirages, Lost in daylight and in night,
Soon to be given up, even by the hoards of newly arrived ghosts,
And, the abandoned bones of yesterday,
Buried beneath the leaves, Fallen branches, Trees old or weak in untimely take downs,
Raging residual emotions of skeletons made too soon, Gravestones engraved with the last words of empty, cracked bones, only aches and memories left behind, Waiting for the sunshine of tomorrow,
To be covered by kudzu and dirges, kisses and goodbyes.
What’s gone is gone and, never to return, while the rest of us can only go on.

Written by V. Castellanos – 9/19/2018 – Revised Easter Weekend 2020

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