Fun In the Art World

Imaginative Painting

I am no longer painting hit or miss. I am painting the real thing. I am painting masterpieces with precision and perfection. I am painting with white oil paint on white oil cloth. I am writing poetry with white ink on white paper. Anything goes. Beautiful brush strokes, imaginative and invisible. No need to say anything. Don’t need to cross my ts, Never need to finish a sentence. A masterpiece by any standard. Better than a masterpiece. Nothing like it ever seen before. That’s real art. Says something different to everyone. Whatever you think, whatever you want, whatever you fear. Whatever is relevant, whatever is stronger. As meaningful as you want it to be. Everything is included. Don’t know what you are looking at? Use your imagination. Join the party. Validate yourself. You’re just as good as anyone else. So, vote for me.

A sham or a shame, It’s a way to play the game. Everyone wants to win the race, Everyone wants to be in first place.

I will be hanging out with the Emperor, awaiting the results and expecting to win first prize.

Written, tongue in cheek, by V. Castellanos – April 13, 2020

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