No Rules Here

These are the crossroads.
Not even very far away.
They are the meeting places,
Where things happened.
Where things continue to happen.
Where anything could happen.
Hasn’t happened yet.
Where nobody knows, Everyone is on their toes,
And, anything goes.

These places are marked by stones instead of crosses.
Crosses were not yet in fashion.
At first a cross just meant “this is the crossing of two ways”,
Two leylines, two roads, two ways to go.
Where are you going? Do you think you know?
If you don’t, just wait around.
Someone will show up, sooner or later,
From up the road or down the road,
From the right way or the wrong way.
Yea or nay? Who’s to say?

Maybe things will get better.
Maybe angels will emerge from behind the wings,
And, sing to you, like they do, in the theater.
Maybe the rabbit will tell you where he is going.
Maybe he will invite you along.
Maybe he will sing you a song.

Maybe you will be fooled by gypsies,
frightened by giants,
confronted by wizards,
challenged by dragons,
entertained by troubadours,
wined and dined on honeycake and holly berries, by the fairies,
feasted with soldiers returning home from war,
their work well done, brandishing a gun, celebrating they had won, don’t know what they were fighting for,
but, drunk on beer and tons of fun under the sun,
conferred with fortune tellers,
conversed with fools,
confused clowns with rules,
tried to shoot down the moon,
concocted a fire breathing, tight rope, lion taming, balancing act,
swallowing a sword on a trapeze,
(quite ok, as long as there isn’t a breeze, but, still, be careful and try not to sneeze),
crossed borders, battle scarred, holding your breath, scared to death,
crossed bridges without maps or hangovers, lightening rods or four leafed clovers,
crossed fingers while praying for better luck, tried not to get stuck,
prepared a disappearing act, after the fact,
to rescue the lovely, enchanted princess, from the vipers who live in the viper’s nest.

So, that’s the whole show, and, now you can go. You can go wherever you want to go.
Nobody even has to know.
Never a fear. Never a tear.
No rules here.
Just try it, my dear.

Underground Artwork

Written by V. Castellanos – April 2020

2 thoughts on “No Rules Here

  1. This is a 5 1/2″ x 7 7/8″ multi level paper collage I did back in the 80’s. Nothing digital here! It’s part of a series inspired by the Underground world of Wonderland. Everything has to glow Underground since there is no other source of light. At least that was my theory at the time. Day glow wasn’t really around yet and luminescent paint used in watch faces had been found to be radioactive so, bright colors side by side, preferably colors in opposition to one another (color wheel stuff) was all we had to work with. (And, looking at work already done by innovative artists like Van Gogh – those red lines around the green trees were a great inspiration.) Glad you like it. (I do too.)
    Meanwhile, also, thanks for being THE ONLY LIKE on “Cabin Fever”! I knew the art work would be hard on the audience, and I could have bet YOU would get it, but, WOW! I thought the writing was pretty good, but, I guess the images (worth a thousand words apiece) are really needed to be the hook. Maybe nobody even wanted to read it! I didn’t think the images would be so important on something called WORDPress. Oh well, live and learn. Thanks again.


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