Unsteady Underground

I no longer know who I am, or what I am.
I’m starting to wonder, is it a scam?
I think in ever widening circles, generating parallel lines, trying to meet at infinity, even without an identity. Trying to hug one other. Trying to overcome. Trying to turn two into one. Then one becoming zero. No one’s becoming a hero. No one left behind. Nothing left to find. No longer an expansion. An imploding universe. Entropy slowing down matter. Light speed diminished. Heat no longer radiating. Out of range. Climate change. Random weather. Here we are, still, all together. A pandemic spreading pandemonium. How are we doing? Close to ruin?
At zero degrees Kelvin everything stops. Atomic spin frozen. Molecules dismembering. Compounds collapsing. Economies shrinking. Keeps us thinking. Time trying to catch up. Sounds dissolving before they’ve begun. Politicians trying to run. Trying to win. Things are getting really thin. We are in a tail spin. Unsteady. Getting ready. Everything’s going around and around. Ready or not we’re going down. They won’t let you out, so, you can’t go to town. So instead of a protest, a fight or a frown, come on into my Underground.

Underground Artwork

Written by V. Castellanos – April 2020

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