Bigger than Life

This is big, as big as you want. Be big. Be better. Go for it. No opportunity? Go somewhere else. Make something happen. Anything you desire. Coney Island, Atlantic City, Hollywood, Las Vegas, flip a coin, deal a card, play the lottery. Win big. Be big. What do you want? For life to be bigger than life? From cartoons to comic books, excitement, Orlando! Christmas !! Birthday !! Fireworks !!! Netflix (available 24/7) !! Super Heroes !! Concerts! Video games. Arcades and shooting galleries. Ultra reality. Social media at your fingertips. Mainstream media. Mass murders. Science fiction. Afghanistan. New and improved. Whatever sells. Popularity. Propaganda. Peer pressure. Take a pill. Everyone has their own agenda. Everyone wants to come out on top. Conflict and competition. Chocolate and cocaine. Crystal meth. Fukushima. Diamonds and gold bricks. How do I look? Never let a good crisis go to waste. Stress and money, milk and honey. Materialism. Obesity. Science. Astronauts. Hubris. No God. No guide. What do you believe? Who do you love? What are you going to do? What size are you going to be, at the end of the day?

2 thoughts on “Bigger than Life

  1. That head is weird-looking. You do weird well. You explore a territory of the visually peculiar that I think most people would never discover, and if they did wouldn’t latch onto it and bring back to share.


  2. Weird has its advantages. Keeps the crowds away. (This is a great advantage if you live in Manhattan.) Also, it lets you go anywhere (even without a passport). If you spend a lot of time in the spiritual world, or even just thinking too much, you discover things aren’t always as they appear to be in the material world. Expressionism says we can use colors to expose our emotions – or to indicate the emotions of our subjects, or just because we feel like it! All out! I don’t really care about all the rules – just some of them. Surrealism says don’t let reality limit your imagination. I am not sure what box I am in but, I’m always trying to get out. Art should be as free as possible. Even within the boundaries of your super ultra reality format – which I enjoy but don’t have the patience to do myself.


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