This is Chispa. Chispa is the Spanish word for Spark! Spark! is where everything starts. Fire. Life. Catalyst. Hop. Jump. Skip. Dig. Bark. Roll over. In Florida, where we live, the electric chair is affectionately called Ol’ Sparky. We just couldn’t see calling this girl the same as the electric chair so, Chispa she was named. It’s a good name, two syllables and ending in a vowel. She knows it’s her name. She is well loved. Maybe, I sometimes even become a little obsessed. Dog owners understand.

Yes, I am easily obsessed. Mercury combust. Multiplication is an attribute of obsession. It is also an attribute of the mandate of life and of the expansion of the universe. Time is always moving and time is an agent of change. Multiplication, moving through time, creates variation. A little change here. A little change there.

Variation in space brings things closer, further. Turns things upside down. Reversed. Reflected. Symmetry restored. Ignored. Implored. A lot more fun than being bored. How much can you afford?

If it works in four directions does it mean it is a successful piece? I think so. But, what do I know?

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