This Is My World Now

Everything vivid, too rich, saturated. Colors bleeding out of the mystery of darkness, light seeking overwhelming contrasts, interweaving thirteen levels of reality, twelve of them inaccessible, but, this one doesn’t stand still. Races uphill. Takes over everything. Daylight thick and slow. Clouds above and clouds below. Infiltrating. Penetrating. Broken down. Turned around. Refracted. Reflected. Repeated. Defeated. The other side of wherever I am. Inside of a shadow, looking out. Showing my true self. Pretending to be someone else. Everyone waiting around for something. Not sure what. Or when. Or, even why. But, you have to try. Do or die. My, oh my!

The leaves are still laughing and no one is going to stop them. Something surreal is trying to emerge, to embrace the center, to embroider the edges, to embolden the symbolism, enlighten the meaning. Everything means something. Maybe not to you, but, in the grand scheme of things, in one of those thirteen level. Maybe in all of them. Maybe in between. Maybe over. Maybe under. Makes you wonder.

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