Intrusion or illusion

The painting is going pretty well. I finished a couple of old pieces last night, things I had started years ago, never finished, never threw out. But, nothing is fitting for this post.

Today Fred is already way up stream and Hurricane Grace is dissipating. The world is not normal. This writing insisted upon itself this morning.

The crossover is forbidden.
My feet on longer touch the ground.
Swinging into infinity.
I don’t care.
Don’t you dare.
Neither you nor I should go there.
Its a dream or its a nightmare.
Coming out of nowhere.
Is it a silly thing?
Is it a curse?
Which one is better?
Which one is worse?
Good or bad. Happy, sad.
It’s the worst I’ve ever had.

Still sleeping, still dreaming?
Someone here seems to be scheming.
Her devices are the spices.
Is she the nurse?
Is she a curse?
Will she do her best,
Or, will she do her worst?
Did we let her in?
Was it a sin?
Lost in darkness,
Lost the lady?
Lost the baby?
Maybe. Maybe?
Sure, it’s crazy.
Sometimes crying.
Maybe I am dying.
Seems like lots of trouble,
I am in.

Are you a protector?
Are you an inspector?
Maybe you’re the prime infector?
What is it that you perceive?
What is it that you believe?
Is it the truth or does it just deceive?
Do you give or do you just receive?
Drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs,
Spiders, fleas and ticks and bugs.
Snake rising. Super sizing?
Scorpions crawling overhead.
Am I still sleeping in my bed?
This is just a bad dream.
Maybe it’s all in my head.
4 Heavens sake. What’s @ stake?
Maybe something you should dread?
Go ahead. Lead with your chin.
What kind of trouble,
Are you in?
R you in?
R U, R U, R U in?

No one’s having any fun.

Time to RUN. 2 RUN. RUN. RUN.

V. Castellanos August 2021

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