It’s Still the Season

It’s still the season.
Listen to reason.
Stop cold.
Do as you are told.
Call every woman and call every man.
Tell them to go outside,
And, pick up everything they can.
Don’t stop to clean the mold.
Don’t wait for tomorrow.
Don’t wait until you’re old.
Do it now. Do it all today.
Gotta hold the wolves at bay.
Listen to what I have to say.
This is not a good time for you to go astray.
Instead, it is the best time, for us to go away.
This day is made of burning heat,
And, black mud swirls beneath our feet,
The red mites bite and, won’t retreat.
See how the crows are getting nervous,
And, are gathering in a crowd,
‘Cause beyond the far horizon,
There’s a rattling, loud, gray cloud,
Thunder roaring, dark and barking,
Lightning spitting, hitting, sparking,
Wild winds, whistling and advancing,
Snails and slugs together dancing,
Mosquitos, too, have started swarming,
This is really, truly is alarming.
I say they’re giving us a warning.

Now, every snake is wide awake,
In caves they cower, start to shake,
Rabbits hop and, run for cover,
Dragonflies don’t want to hover,
Lizards gone off, somewhere hidden,
Butterflies have been forbidden,
Hummingbirds no longer humming,
Frogs are thumping, jumping, drumming,
They all say, it is today,
The Hurricane is coming, coming,
Hurry to the higher ground,
Take everyone who is around,
Be it friend or be it foe,
Tell everyone, they all must know,
Why all the babies started bawling.
A Hurricane is calling, calling,
The situation’s quite appalling,
The air pressure is lesser, lesser,
And, is quickly falling.

V. Castellanos August 2021

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