Angel or Devil

What is your real name?
Who's the leader of the game?
The earth is exploding.
The whole town is imploding.
Bars on the windows.
Blood on the sword.
Give me your hand, my dear,
And, give me your word.
Pentagram. Hanging man. 
Watch him swinging, if you can.
Cathedral bells again are ringing.
Someone in the rain is singing.
Don't breathe the dust unless you must.
Webs and strings fight tangled things. 
A painted face runs in the race,
But, though you seem to think you must,
You know, you do not have to go.
You could stay or go away,
Or, you could just clean the window.

Who is praying? Donkeys braying.
What are they doing? What are they saying?
In the streets the headlights beaming. 
Stop your screaming. You're just dreaming. 
Run across the highest rooftop.
Hammer. Hammer. Cork goes pop!
Warning that you must not stop.
Red blood falling, drop by drop.
A white dove calling for your love.

You must stay upon your feet.
Remember, you are what you eat.
Feed your needs with seeds and weeds.
Fighting hurts and the wounded bleeds.
Attack! Attack! 
Don't lose track. Don't turn back.
Do you have the winner's knack?
White dove calling. White dove cooing.
Wants to know what are you doing.
Don't turn your head. Don't fly away.
Fight through the night with all your might,
Don't lose sight.
Hold on tight.
Don't turn off the light. 
Don't wait. Levitate. You are almost at the gate.

Beetles, green, and buzzing flies,
Don't turn your back or close your eyes.
I stand alone on a broken stone.
I need to finish what I started,
Be among the dear departed.
Who is losing?
Who is winning?
Is this just a new beginning?
The red wind blows but where it goes,
Is somewhere not one of us knows.
What's going on, now? I don't know.
But, I don't think I have far to go.
A curse, inflicted by a scratch,
Started by a single match,
Something sinister will hatch,
Maintained by our strange beliefs,
By an image,
In a locket,
In a mirror,
A polished  bright and bold brass ring,
Perhaps the end of everything,
In a glass box,
In the air,
Fog and smoke,
The sun is not shining.
A shot in the dark.
A battering ram.
Can't see what is happening.
Don't let him get away.
No one is going to come.
The circle shrinking.
Locked in.
On the road.
In the town.
Kick the cross.
Cross the line.
Still no sunshine.
Pig's head.
Snake hissing.
Fire. Burning.
Lean on me.
One foot after another.
A bouncing ball.
Watch it fall.
I've seen it all.

V. Castellanos August 2021

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