Two Fishermen and a Fish

“Two Fishermen and a Fish” – My Artwork – 3″x 3″ – Pencil on paper – December 2018

One fish, two fish,
How do you do, fish?
Black fish, blue fish,
I am after you, fish.
A bold fish, a cold fish,
I don’t care how old, fish.

Green fish, mean fish,
Swimming in the stream, fish.
Fat fish, lean fish,
You are on my wish list, fish.

Brown fish, clown fish,
Swimming up and down, fish.
Blow fish, glow fish,
Nowhere left to go, fish.

Red fish, dead fish,
You will make a tasty dish.
Hatch a fish, catch a fish,
You will be delicious, fish.

A hook, a pole,
A roll of twine,
And, pretty soon,
You will be mine.

Butter sauce with lemon-lime,
Sage, oregano and thyme,
A lovely glass of cold, white wine,
A meal which will deserve a kiss.
I’d like to know, so I don’t miss,
Are there other words which rhyme with fish?


“Merry-go-Frog” – My Painted Leaf – 2017

I have recently been involved in a serious discussion with the Frogs, who believe their mother is the night and their fathers are the constellations, regarding their considerations of the impossible versus the improbable. We do not agree.
My personal opinion is that surrealism lies outside of reality, absurdity lies within reality but outside of logic (such as the existence of mules or placebos) and insanity lies opposite to, or on the contradictory side of, reality.
The opinion of the Frogs is that everything is reality, absurdity is inevitable and is the natural outcome of total awareness due to the nature of quantum leaps, warps and worm holes, force fields, perceptions, connections, reincarnations, explanations and adaptations to the convoluted evolution of the expanding universe and insanity is the inevitable result of inventing too many words (such as incomprehensible, incongruous, irrational, irreconcilable, irresponsible, irrepressible, inconceivable, unbelievable, unpredictable, irregular, irrelevant, irreverent and nonsensical).


“Masquerade” – pencil on paper – 6″ x 4″ – June 2018

Masquerade, a masked parade. Don’t hold your breath. Don’t be afraid.

Music filling up the street. Follow me with dancing feet.

In the hallway. In the doorway. Do it my way. Do it your way.

Take my hand. Let’s beat the band. I tell you, right now, life is grand.

My skirts go swish. I make a wish. You’re my mister. I’m your miss.

Sometime soon, give me a kiss.

My Neuropathy

“Half and Half” – pencil drawing – June 2018 – 5 1/2″ x 4″

Have you ever been haunted? Occupied by a spirit seeking a home, a demon seeking manifestation? Invading without invitation. Occupation without consideration or consent. Changing everything. Doesn’t relent.

Nuclear, peripheral neuropathy, of unknown origin and reason, occupying the left side of my body. Is this the mirror? This drawing came in an insistent flash. It made me draw it. I was going to draw a masked parade but this came out instead, so quick I almost forgot I drew it, and then it waited patiently until nap time to come out and play.

After I was stricken with this strange neuropathy last autumn my artwork took a definite turn toward the surreal. Some of my friends say my art was always surreal but it hadn’t occurred to me before. I was painting organic abstracts. I was painting essence and amusement. Is my painting now painting me? Have I become a surreal person?