Everyone needs a bird to remind them they are loved

Open your eyes to a Utopian morning, no alarm, instead a songbird, dancing on the window sill. Feathers softly shake you halfway awake, to singing angels, to early sunlight, lost in whispers left over from dreams, trumpets as loud as clouds, violins like rainbows, a harp reflecting every heartbeat, voices without words, every breath a joy, all the beauty of the world. No one left out, no one forgotten. Even if you do not know it yet, someone is waiting for you.

He Did Not Like It

He was quite clear. “I don’t get it. It doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t see anything in it.”

“It’s too broken up. It’s too fractured.”
Have I become too obscure?
Don’t you see the door in the middle? You can open it and go in. Perhaps, if you go inside you will see the tree. You are already on the path. Here, turn around and let me show you.

Relax a little and slide into it. It is a Wonderland tree in an abstract landscape. I am very familiar with Wonderland. I’ve been there many times.

What do you see now?

How to look at an abstraction, anyway? What is the essence? What does it mean? Reality seen from a different perspective, substance striped away, only an impression left, one angle or another, no rules. A delightful place to play.

Maybe it needs a bird.

An Unwavering Song

“An Unwavering Song” – My Digital Art – ArtRage

I am crossing the dizzying green patterns of the forest
Changing with every opal breeze
With the rising of every slanted sunbeam
With every breath of the cobalt blue beetle
Come to pollinate the ancient, porcelain magnolia flowers
And, rest in the embrace of her emerald, leather leaves
A summer morning
Not yet awake
Repeating a thousand generations of
Lavender mists fading into the shadows
Welcoming a solitary bird
Repeating a thousand generations of
An unwavering song

A Bird has Landed

“A Bird has Landed” – My Digital Art – ArtRage – August 2018

A bird has landed
Somewhere in the mottled shadows of the forest
Listening to the echoes of his own songs
Waiting for the arrival of clouds
And, showers of rainbows
Hoping no one out there is trying to get him

V. Castellanos – August 2018