I have a green wall and two lizards.
There are rainbows overhead,
Although they are invisible.
More importantly,
The dogwood is in full bloom,
The wisteria flowers are everywhere,
With no leaves,
The fountains bubble,
And, the hummingbirds have arrived.
They are right on time.
The lilies are a little early.
They are here to announce,
The expectations of the striking sunbeam.
A virgin from which a king will come.
Half human and half miracle.
But, right now it is butterfly time.
They are playing hide and seek with one another,
Flirting in the spring air.
I am turning into a stone,
But, it is a long process.
The world continues to be beautiful.

Butterfly 1

“Butterfly 1” – My Digital Art – 2006

You are well aware of life’s magnetic flow
And, all of the angles of the earth
I will tell you my secrets
If you tell me the secrets of the wind
If you let me follow you
Into the spiral skies
Into the heart of the spherical morning’s mist
into the eyes of flowers, sun kissed
Let me escape
From leaves refusing to cease their falling
From memories which won’t stop calling
From forest’s spark and shadows dark
The echoes of the lingering past
The promises which did not last
The lies which shook my world like thunder
Pulled me down and pushed me under
Take me instead into your world
Into your joy and wonder