Before Dawn

“Before Dawn” – 5 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ – scratch board – July 2018

Black and white, White and black, Halfway there, And, halfway back.
Every bird has awoken before dawn to be sure the sun is no longer conjoined with the moon. Tomorrow will continue. The world will be here, waiting, for the next time you return.



“Dance” – scratch board – 5 1/2″ x 4 ” – July 2018

Let us dance
Let us dance
Let us dance without colors
In a clap of tropical thunder
Boiling over with curiosity
Then, the sudden slap of the splendor of electric skies
And, hidden spirits are revealed for only a celebratory moment
Too quick to be seen or remembered
Too sharp to be forgotten
Too important to be left under your pillow



“Masquerade” – pencil on paper – 6″ x 4″ – June 2018

Masquerade, a masked parade. Don’t hold your breath. Don’t be afraid.

Music filling up the street. Follow me with dancing feet.

In the hallway. In the doorway. Do it my way. Do it your way.

Take my hand. Let’s beat the band. I tell you, right now, life is grand.

My skirts go swish. I make a wish. You’re my mister. I’m your miss.

Sometime soon, give me a kiss.



How quick goes by a butterfly, and, why? You say you care, but you don’t know? Off to find a hidden rainbow? Maybe yes and maybe no. Gone, quick as a song, and long, before the end of days, before this leaf decays, before this fish has swum away, downstream, out of my mind, out of my dream. What does it mean?

Nothing, or, whatever you wish.