Red Tree

“Red Tree” – Digital Art – July 2018

Let me sit here a while longer,
in the calm sunlight,
in the quiet wind,
watch the clouds come and go.
I will be as silent as a green lizard,
a smooth rock,
grass beneath the trees,
the taste of lemon in the air,
cinnamon in the red leaves.


Full Moon in Leo

“Full Moon in Leo” – Digital Art – ArtRage – July 2018

The moonlight excites me. Especially the full moon, close to the horizon, grandiose and golden. This “painting” was done in my brand new software, ArtRage Oil, an android app (free download), and pretty good. Inspired by a night from once before, a magical night, in the Everglades, alligators howling, rustling under the stillness, dreaming of shadows, stars obscured by the moon’s splendor. This is my first painting in ArtRage and I like it. It is of the moonrise over the Dragon Fields behind the campsite at Long Pine Lake. Hope you like it too.

Sacred Flowers

“Sacred Flowers” by Valeria Castellanos

In the green shadows of morning hours
I will search for sacred flowers
Would I take a leaf for my teacup?
Would I stay up
For days and days
And, change my ways
The sound of words dissociated from my lips
My vision doubled
My time disconnecting
The voices of gods whispering into my empty spaces

Would I return to the vibrating auras of salt
Where all things living watch the heavens and dance?

Only to say I am grateful

Great Blue Heron in the Everglades

“Great Blue Heron in the Everglades” by Valeria Castellanos

On a misty morning, waiting for the silver sky to burn to blue, quick eyes seeking a wayward lizard, a dancing cricket hiding in the thicket, time suspended, breeze across the grasses, ripples caressing the river, she waits in the pale, gray shadows, not bothering to fly away.

Ink and lacquer on paper, 1998