Be Bold

“Be Bold” – Digital Art – ArtRage – August 2018

Let us be bold today.
Let us sing of red and passion,
As loud as the laughing hawk,
And, as colorful as the screaming clouds.
Let us throw ourselves onto a canvas,
And, into a future,
Where everything is waiting,
And, anything can happen.




Edge of the Woods


"Edge of the Woods"
“Edge of the Woods” pastel on paper

If I were there, I would run through the golden fields, chasing the sun, running south, towards the horizon. I would catch him before the solstice arrives, before he gets entirely away. I would run, through golden meadows, the wind in my hair with birds on the wing. I would sing, I would fly, high, in the sky, above. Oh, my love! Run with me. I would run with you, I would run through, golden fields and meadows, rare, the wind in my hair. You are the one. Run with me. Run with me, chasing the sun.